4P+MassAPA Annual Conference

“Securing Affordable Housing in Hot Market Areas”

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The Four Planning Schools (4P) and Massachusetts American Planning Association (MassAPA) Annual Conference has been alternately hosted by MIT, Harvard, Tufts, and UMass for the last six years, and will be held this year at Tufts. This year’s conference theme, “Securing Affordable Housing in Hot Market Areas”, will honor Professor Rachel Bratt’s longstanding contribution to both theory and practice in these topical areas.

Affordable housing is a particularly timely problem in many U.S. cities as real estate values are steadily increasing and low rent apartments are vanishing.  This phenomenon was recently highlighted in a cover story of the New York Times under the headline “Evictions Soar in Hot Market; Renters Suffer”.  The 4P+MassAPA conference will provide a forum for leading scholars and practitioners to address the scope of the problem and how planning and public policy can more effectively respond to the current crisis.

The event will kick off with introductions from each of the planning schools.  Professor Bratt will deliver the event’s keynote address.  After the keynote address, a panel with representatives of each of the planning schools and Mass APA will further explore the conference theme.  A 30-minute Q&A session will follow the panel discussion. The event will occur on Wednesday October 8, 4:30-7pm at Tufts.

Event Schedule

Introductions from Hosts
Prof. Weiping Wu, UEP/Tufts
Prof Eran Ben-Joseph, DUSP/MIT
Prof. Ann Forsyth, GSD/Harvard
Prof. Darrel Ramsey-Musolf, LARP/UMass
Mr. Felipe Schwarz, AICP, MassAPA

Keynote Address
Prof. Rachel Bratt, UEP/Tufts

Panel and Audience Q&A
Ms. Kristin Haas, Graduate Student, UEP/Tufts
Dr. James Buckley, DUSP/MIT
Dr. Christopher Herbert, Joint Center for Housing Studies/Harvard
Prof. Darrel Ramsey-Musolf, LARP/UMass
Ms. Judi Barrett, MassAPA and RKG Associates


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Securing Affordable Housing in Hot Market Areas