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Conversation Series: An Interview with Mr. Godfried Agyemang

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Interview with Mr. Godfried Agyemang, Vice President of Program Development, Agriculture Cooperative of Ghana

By Easwaran Narassimhan


Q: Good morning Mr. Agyemang, what do you think about CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) as a scientific concept?

A: I think CSA is not a new concept. The sustainable agricultural practices that CSA recommends have been in practice in Africa for a very long time. At one point, we used to call these sustainable practices as “EcoAgriculture”. But, CSA tries to bring the already existing concepts in to a more structured form.

Q: What do you think about the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Alliance that this conference is trying to achieve?

A: I think there is a lot of support and promise in this alliance. But, I strongly believe that this alliance will not succeed without bringing in the voices of farmers. Farmers are crucial for the successful implementation of CSA.

Q: What do you see as crucial for a successful alliance?

A: Inclusion of farmers and a strong financing mechanism. These are the key points that we need to address?

Q: If I may ask, what is your background and your role as the vice president of program development at the Agriculture Cooperative of Ghana?

 A: I am a farmer myself and grew up understanding grass roots level problems in agriculture. As the vice president of program development, I work closely in sustainable agricultural development in Ghana.

Thank you to Mr. Agyemang for your time and insights.


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