Sep 26 2013


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Z666.7 is the Library of Congress Call Number assigned to materials about metadata; Alex May is a recent graduate of the GSLIS program at Simmons, and works in the Technical Services Department at Tisch Library where he is the Rare Book Cataloger and Metadata Services librarian.

He also strives to organize information around the following:

Metadata Principle 1: Good metadata conforms to community standards in a way that is appropriate to the materials in the collection, users of the collection, and current and potential future uses of the collection.

Metadata Principle 2: Good metadata supports interoperability.

Metadata Principle 3: Good metadata uses authority control and content standards to describe objects and collocate related objects.

Metadata Principle 4: Good metadata includes a clear statement of the conditions and terms of use for the digital object.

Metadata Principle 5: Good metadata supports the long-term management, curation, and preservation of objects in collections.

Metadata Principle 6: Good metadata records are objects themselves and therefore should have the qualities of good objects, including authority, authenticity, archivability, persistence, and unique identification.

From NISO Publication: A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections

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