Sep 12 2013

Data Dictionaries

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Screen shot of the Hydra Admin Tool Data Dictionary

Screen shot of the Hydra Admin Tool Data Dictionary


Think being a rare book metadata librarian is all about identifying formats, answering questions of provenance and determining whether the binding is sheep or goat?  That happens, but the truth is that a large portion of my job is building Data Dictionaries, which keep track of the elements we want to describe in an online linked environment.  The Data Dictionary above is for the Hydra Administrative tool we built in collaboration with DCA and Digital Curration Experts for associating Dublin Core Metadata in the Fedora repository.  It is a collaborative work in progress that lives on Google Drive, allowing different authors to contribute their expertise as we seek to define a minimum common set of core terms.  It will ensure that records entered through the administrative hydra head provide a predictable level of description, and that the metadata is entered as consistently as possible across our different collections.  It is not as exciting as identifying a heretofore unaccounted autograph, but it is one of the most important ways we will be able to ensure future interoperability of objects as we begin digitization at Tisch Library.

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