Oct 16 2013

The faerie queen

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Since Halloween is around the corner, I thought it would be fun to post some of the more spooky images from our version of  The faerie queen ; The shepheards calendar ; together with the other works of England’s arch-poët, Edm. Spenser / collected into one volume and carefully corrected.  This copy of the Faerie Queene is largely made up of leftovers from a 1609 run, with the title replaced by a cancel, dated 1611 and serving as a general title for the collection.  A dealer’s catalog describes some of the highlights as containing: “…the Main title with engraved historiated border, engraved decorations on section titles, historiated and decorative initials, head and tailpieces.” Which, quite frankly, really doesn’t do it justice.  Here are the same highlights visualized:



The 1611 Title page with historiated border.



A tail-piece.



A decorative  initial.



Another tail-piece (note the skeleton sitting on a throne.)



1609 colophon, which faces:



The 1611 title page for The Shepheards Calender




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