Sep 26 2013


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Currently, I have applied my knowledge of metadata and special collections in ways that qualify as research outside of traditional models. Nevertheless, this fits the example in the Research section of the Tufts University Librarians’ Guide:  Creative works of substance and critical recognition, in an area of relevant subject expertise.  Here are a few examples of scholarship that examples of creative works of substance:

  1. Created the Tisch Miscellany website by transforming raw XML into XHTML via XSLTs.  By doing this, the site came to the attention of the Classics Department, who then had students translate the texts.  The site was written about in the Chronicle of Education
  2. Created the Margaret Henderson Floyd Website by transforming raw XML into XHTML via XSLTs.  
  3. At the Greg Crane sponsored workshop, Working with Texts in a Digital Age, I wrote a set of code that exports the <persNames> element from TEI into a CSV file, and then by using regular expressions was able to map the names to a sample VIAF search & reimport the matched names as linked data.  This speeds up disambiguation of names in TEI files
  4. Contributed to the metadata portion of the Frameworks for Data Management, a UMASS led program which seeks to provide a curriculum for understanding Data Management principles.
  5. Invited presenter, along with Marie Claire Beaulieu, Associate Professor of Latin and Bridget Almas, Senior Programer, at the 2014 CAMWS annual meeting

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