Who We Are

Where We Came From

Conceptualized in the fall of 2007, Tufts’ Christian a cappella group was founded in the spring of ’08, uniting students from all walks of faith. Inspired by his older brother’s participation in Harvard’s Under Construction, freshman Benjamin Hampson built and led the group with the help of his co-founder, sophomore Katherine Runes. It was their desire to create an a cappella group with a purpose that reached deeper than mere harmony and rhythm.

Within the year, Anchord wrote a constitution, was officially recognized as a student organization, held its debut Fall Concert, and was named the New Student Organization of the Year by the TCUJ.  Social justice quickly became a focus of the group, and Anchord continues to prioritize the support of various on- and off-campus charities.

Why We Sing

Our mission is to share God’s love in the greater Tufts community, and to grow as musicians through the art of a cappella music. We seek to inspire both our audiences and our members to consider what it means to lead a life believing in and following Jesus Christ.

Who Else Inspires Us

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