AP Physics B Review Sheets & Study Guides

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Here are some review sheets I made for AP Physics B:


Introduction to Mechanics with Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration

Motion and Force Dynamics

Uniform Circular Motion

Work and Energy


Here is a link to the 1998 AP Physics B released exam (property of College Board)


AP English Language and Composition Review Sheets & Study Guides

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Here are two review sheets I made for AP English Language:


Figurative Language and Rhetorical Devices

Huck Finn Outline

H Spanish IV Review Sheets & Study Guides

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The best way to study for Spanish is to learn the grammar, so here is a review sheet for most of what will be learned:

Grammar Review

The following are review sheets specifically tailored for my high school course, so this won’t be of much help to anyone outside this school system:

Becquer Test – Review Sheet

D.Q. – El Cura y el Barbero – Review Sheet

D.Q. Quiz 1

D.Q. Quiz 3 – English Review Sheet

D.Q. Quiz 3 – Spanish Review Sheet

D.Q. Quiz 4 – Review Sheet

D.Q. Quiz 7 – Review Sheet

Don Quijote – Prisoners – Review Sheet

La Lengua De Las Mariposas

Science Olympiad

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I did many events for the NY State Science Olympiads competition. Here is a review sheet I made for one of the events and some PowerPoint slides for another event:

Earth’s Fresh Water – Dynamic Planet

Dynamic Planet

These slides are not of my own creation:

Optics – Color

Optics- Reflection

Optics – Refraction

AP Spanish Language Review Sheets & Study Guides

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The best review sheet one can make for AP Spanish Language is a review sheet for how to learn the grammar, so here it is:

Grammar Review

If you are taking this at Half Hollow Hills High School West, I have specific lecture note (er… class notes I guess it’s called… so used to college) materials here (some of this is property of the Spanish department):

La Prodigiosa de Baltazar

Medias Rojas


La Viuda de Montiel

La Continuidad de los Parques

Delantal Blanco


La Muerte

Here is some vocabulary defined for stories typically given in AP Spanish Language:

Apocalipsis Vocab

Genesis Vocab

La Viuda de Montiel Vocab

AP English Literature and Composition Review Sheets & Study Guides

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Since this class is so writing oriented, I only have one review sheet, and it’s for an overview of literary perspectives:

Literary Perspectives

AP United States Government Review Sheets & Study Guides

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I only made one review sheet for AP United States Government. It is the following:

Chapters 1 and 2 – The Study of American Government & The Constitution

AP Biology Review Sheets & Study Guides

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I do not have many review sheets for AP Biology. However, I will link you to what I do have. I also have many practice exams and old AP exams that will certainly be excellent study tools.

Here are my review sheets:


The Cell

Carbs, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids

Prokaryotes and Viruses

Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria

Link to 1999 AP Biology Exam and Answer Key:


Chemistry Principles (Chem 2) Review Sheets & Study Guides

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Here is study material for Chemistry Principles (otherwise known as General Chemistry II) based on the material taught at Tufts University and the Chemistry: Central Science book by Pearson. Chemistry, as most sciences, requires a lot of practice to understand the concepts fully. With that being said, these review sheets do not cover everything. They should be read and understood, but they are the basics. The only way to truly learn chemistry is to get out there and do it!

Chapter 13 – Properties of Solutions

Chapter 14 – Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 15 – Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 16 – Acids and Bases

Chapter 19 – Thermochemistry

Chapter 23 – Coordination Compounds

AP World History

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I have not taken this course, but here is an AP World History practice exam (property of CollegeBoard):

Link to AP World History Practice Exam:


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