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Islam and Media

My focus is on Islamic da’wa recitations either on cassete tapes, CD”s or television shows like Mustafa Hosny. People working in stores will close their shops and walk across the street to pray, while others bring to an end their … Continue reading

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Art of Healing

As I mentioned in class last Thursday, while studying abroad in Amman, Jordan last semester I had the chance to attend an exhibition of paintings made by Iraqi torture victims through the course of their participation in The Center for … Continue reading

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Salt of This Sea

I was recently able to watch the film, Salt of This Sea—that was suggested to us in class. The film was directed and produced by Palestinian filmmaker and poet, Annemarie Jacir. Jacir tells the story of a Brooklyn-born women of … Continue reading

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The Bilingual Message of Ajami

Ajami is an Israeli film set in an Arab ghetto in Jaffa, an Israeli city adjacent to Tel Aviv and filled with Israeli Arabs, illegal Palestinian immigrants, Christians, and Jews.  It was co-written by Scandor Copti, an Arab Israeli, and … Continue reading

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Paradise Now

Paradise Now (2006) is a Palestinian film directed by Nazareth native Hany Abu-Assad. The film portrays the lives of two Palestinian men, Said and Khaled, who are recruited for a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. While the movie focuses on … Continue reading

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Paradise Now (2005) Additional Thoughts

Since Elizabeth and Madeleine have already presented a great background and some interesting insights on Paradise Now I wanted to explore the movie in a slightly different way. Their blogs posts can be viewed directly Here and Here. In order … Continue reading

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