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Too Much Graffiti!

This post is about Figure 3 from Professor Bishara’s conclusion. The image is taken from a temporary structure for Israel’s wall separating Israel from the West Bank. It depicts various graffitied messages. What I find so fascinating about this image … Continue reading

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Persepolis: A Personal Iranian Narrative

In the animated film Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi narrates her own personal journey in the midst of key historical and political events during the Islamic Revolution and the Iraq-Iran War that affected her while she was growing up. It’s because of … Continue reading

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Control Room is a documentary film portraying the various perspectives that were not seen during the Iraq War in 2003. The documentary film focuses it’s attention on the Arab News Broadcast, Al Jazera, which was founded in 1996. It is … Continue reading

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Out Of Touch? (Chastity Day in Morocco)

I was reading an article today that I thought was interesting in the context of this class: First, to provide a little background- While Egypt and Tunisia were undergoing massive revolutions last spring, Morocco had its own “Arab Spring” in … Continue reading

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