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McDonalds as Popculture

Though we often use the term “popular culture” only to refer to media forms, we can’t ignore cultural institutions like McDonalds. In the US, McDonalds is just another of the thousands of fast food chains that populate our cities. When … Continue reading

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“Ahwak” – Abd al-Halim Hafez

The following link directs you to a performance by Abd al-Halim Hafez in which he sings one of his famous songs, “Ahwak (I Love You)”. In the video, Abd al-Halim sits down at a piano in a living room and … Continue reading

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Fairuz, The Image of Lebanon

Fairuz gained the most international recognition of all the artists we discussed in class because of her musical style and her image as a national symbol. Fairuz’s musical style is the most modern of all the styles we heard in … Continue reading

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