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Bahlam Beek – Abd Al-Halim

After reading Stokes’ paper on Abd Al-Halim, I decided to search for some of his videos on YouTube (I’ll admit it — he’s a stud muffin). I had seen Abd Al-Halim in a film before but, as far as I … Continue reading

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Shirat HaSticker (The Sticker Song): the multiple voices within the Israeli community

Shirat HaSticker (“The Sticker Song”) is a song by the Israeli Hip-Hop band, Hadag Nachash. The songs title is a reference to the source of the song lyrics; all the lyrics are taken from bumper stickers or popular slogans (with … Continue reading

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Dana International, Born This Way

 Dana International image can be a poster child for Lady Gaga’s Foundation Born this Way .  The foundation’s mission consist of create an open space in which individuality can be accepted.  Although Dana International predates Lady Gaga’s foundation she excepts who … Continue reading

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