Dana International, Born This Way

 Dana International image can be a poster child for Lady Gaga’s Foundation Born this Way .  The foundation’s mission consist of create an open space in which individuality can be accepted.  Although Dana International predates Lady Gaga’s foundation she excepts who she is and has no problem educating the world on who she is.

I used the world educate because due to censorship in mass media some people are ignorant to the fact that people like Dana International exist. Completely ignoring her talent the media focused on who she was as a person, and what signals that sent to young males.  But it did not take long before people recognized her for her true talent.

I appreciate the fact that in the late 90’s Israel was able to get rid of the bias view they had of Dana International.  Everyone needs a role model in life, and if the media is censoring everything and holding pure talent back because of ones sexuality many people are left in the dark.  Not only would they have been restricting her talent, but her fans would have lost their voice as well.

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  1. When I think of Lady Gaga and her relationship to the LGBT community, I think of an active ally who has used her fame to influence politics and encourage acceptance of people with a wide range of sexualities and gender identities (e.g. the establishment of the born this way foundation). Therefore, I wonder if Dana International has been a voice for transgender rights in Israel? I know the media focused a lot on her gender identity and sexuality, but I wonder if she ever used her fame to affect the political discourse on transgender rights in Israel. While I assume she supports equality for transgender individuals, I wonder if she herself has decided to put her gender identity in the spotlight or if it’s only been thrust in the spotlight by others.

    • From what I understand of the readings, the gay community believes that Dana International could be doing a lot more to support them, which implies that she is not the voice for transgender rights. It could be that, in order to maintain her fame and have a career, she has learned to downplay that aspect of herself.

      • I wonder who the American equivalent of Dana International would be? I can not think of any American transgender stars?? I can identify a few who are associated with and support the the LGBT community but I can not think of one musical artist.

        • I cannot think of any either. However, I do remember a controversy a while ago about Ciara and how she was possibly a hermaphrodite. This caused an uproar and much speculation about whether Ciara was actually a woman or not. This leads me to believe that a transgender star in the U.S.A., as much as we would like to believe we are open minded and accepting, would face a lot of difficulties.

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