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Street Jokes, Polysemy, and Intertextuality

Nukat al Shari3a (Street Jokes) is a program shown on Jordanian television that follows host Mohammed Lahham as he travels through both Palestine and Jordan asking people he meets on the street to tell him a joke. The show is … Continue reading

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Ali Farzat and the Syrian Regime

Ali Farzat’s cartoons are characteristically printed without captions. This feature allows him to critique authoritarian regimes more generally, but it also allows the reader to interpret for his- or her-self where the cartoon takes place and, I believe, leads to … Continue reading

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Art of Healing

As I mentioned in class last Thursday, while studying abroad in Amman, Jordan last semester I had the chance to attend an exhibition of paintings made by Iraqi torture victims through the course of their participation in The Center for … Continue reading

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