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Arab Voices brought to you by Twitter

In my attempt to find current news on graffiti, I stumbled upon something even more worthy of mentioning. “The website Small World News is translating and transcribing phone messages from Egypt (among other places like Libya, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Saudi … Continue reading

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Persepolis: A Personal Iranian Narrative

In the animated film Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi narrates her own personal journey in the midst of key historical and political events during the Islamic Revolution and the Iraq-Iran War that affected her while she was growing up. It’s because of … Continue reading

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TV’s Position in Differing Societies

The serial that stood out most to me was Looney Nuna. It’s a more progressive tale about a servant girl named Nuna, who applies the knowledge she learns from the school while working in a house next door. Other dramas … Continue reading

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