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I Love Hip Hop In Morocco

I Love Hip Hop In Morocco is a documentary about the first major hip hop festival in Morocco.  While the overarching theme is the creation and performance of the festival, it also focuses on individual artists and allows the viewer … Continue reading

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Armand Homsi

In addition to Ali Ferzat, there are several other prolific cartoonists in the Middle East.  One such figure is Armand Homsi, a Lebanese cartoonist born in 1966.  He has been published in daily newspapers since 1995.  Many of his works … Continue reading

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The Sura of the Quaking

The Sura of the Quaking, recited by Sheikh Mohamed Al Minshawi, and translated by Michael Sells in Approaching the Qur’an, depicts the Earth shaking as the result of otherworldly forces.  Recitations such as this one are often heard in cassette … Continue reading

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