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Shim al-Yasmin by Mashrou3 Leila

Mashrou3 Leila is a Lebanese band that has amassed great popularity among the more alternative music scene in the Arab world after releasing their debut album in 2009.  They are known for satirically commenting on social issues in Lebanese and … Continue reading

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The Evasive Power of Facebook

When we were analyzing Ali Farzat’s cartoons in class, I found the two featuring Bashar Al-Assad himself particularly interesting.  These cartoons evoke themes similar to that of his other work, such as the government’s empty promises of reform and the … Continue reading

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The Bilingual Message of Ajami

Ajami is an Israeli film set in an Arab ghetto in Jaffa, an Israeli city adjacent to Tel Aviv and filled with Israeli Arabs, illegal Palestinian immigrants, Christians, and Jews.  It was co-written by Scandor Copti, an Arab Israeli, and … Continue reading

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