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I Love Hip Hop in Morocco and Cultural Appropriation

Like Charles, I also chose to look at I Love Hip Hop in Morocco.  Our class discussion about cultural appropriation really interested me, particularly how Litvin’s ideas about the appropriation of Hamlet might relate to Arab hip hop as well.  … Continue reading

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Egyptian Graffiti: Keizer

I read Uprisings in Translation, the blog of a friend and Tufts alumna living in Cairo, in which she translates and discusses the graffiti she sees around the city.  Recently, she met with street artist Keizer to talk about his work … Continue reading

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Cup Final

I watched Cup Final, since I was interested after we saw several clips in class and both Shohat and Bardenstein discuss it in their articles.  Cup Final is an Israeli film made in 1992, set in Lebanon during the 1982 … Continue reading

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