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Libyan Graffiti

In searching for additional sources of graffiti art from North Africa and the Arab Spring, I came across an article on, a website which is part image gallery and part graffiti journalism, with a number of rebel murals that … Continue reading

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The Road to Tahrir

“The Road to Tahrir: Front Line Images by Six Young Egyptian Photographers” is an epic photo illustration of the trials, tribulations and joy that came out of the Egyptian Revolution just this past year. The book was put together by … Continue reading

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Out Of Touch? (Chastity Day in Morocco)

I was reading an article today that I thought was interesting in the context of this class:¬† First, to provide a little background- While Egypt and Tunisia were undergoing massive revolutions last spring, Morocco had its own “Arab Spring” in … Continue reading

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Test Post 3

This is a test for the category system.

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