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Graffiti, Facebook “What’s On Your Mind?”

All of the readings and class discussions about the process people go through to publish illegal graffiti reminded me of the ‘trouble’ I went through during middle school and high school to access social networks.  I attended a boarding school … Continue reading

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Film Discussed in Class: The Message

Trailer– The Message The film “Muhammed, the Messenger of God,” which is known as “The Message” in the United States, is a historical epic that illustrates the birth of Islam and the story of prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him. … Continue reading

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Persepolis: A Personal Iranian Narrative

In the animated film Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi narrates her own personal journey in the midst of key historical and political events during the Islamic Revolution and the Iraq-Iran War that affected her while she was growing up. It’s because of … Continue reading

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Islam and Media

My focus is on Islamic da’wa recitations either on cassete tapes, CD”s or television shows like Mustafa Hosny. People working in stores will close their shops and walk across the street to pray, while others bring to an end their … Continue reading

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The Sura of the Quaking

The Sura of the Quaking, recited by Sheikh Mohamed Al Minshawi, and translated by Michael Sells in Approaching the Qur’an, depicts the Earth shaking as the result of otherworldly forces.  Recitations such as this one are often heard in cassette … Continue reading

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Paradise Now (2005)

Paradise Now (2005), a film about two best friends recruited for a suicide bombing, is different in its portrayal of Arabs.  First of all, the protagonists are both Arabs.  Before the 1980’s, as Shohat points out in her book, Arabs did … Continue reading

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