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Shirat HaSticker (The Sticker Song): the multiple voices within the Israeli community

Shirat HaSticker (“The Sticker Song”) is a song by the Israeli Hip-Hop band, Hadag Nachash. The songs title is a reference to the source of the song lyrics; all the lyrics are taken from bumper stickers or popular slogans (with … Continue reading

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Egyptian Graffiti: Keizer

I read Uprisings in Translation, the blog of a friend and Tufts alumna living in Cairo, in which she translates and discusses the graffiti she sees around the city.  Recently, she met with street artist Keizer to talk about his work … Continue reading

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The Nation-City

The cultural identity that Dubai has been working on presenting to the world is a flashy one—one that is often associated with superlatives. Dubai seems to always be in the process of building the world’s tallest towers, its grandest hotels, … Continue reading

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