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Shirat HaSticker (The Sticker Song): the multiple voices within the Israeli community

Shirat HaSticker (“The Sticker Song”) is a song by the Israeli Hip-Hop band, Hadag Nachash. The songs title is a reference to the source of the song lyrics; all the lyrics are taken from bumper stickers or popular slogans (with … Continue reading

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Cup Final

I watched Cup Final, since I was interested after we saw several clips in class and both Shohat and Bardenstein discuss it in their articles.  Cup Final is an Israeli film made in 1992, set in Lebanon during the 1982 … Continue reading

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The Bubble (Hebrew: הבועה HaBuah)

The Bubble is a 2006 romantic drama directed by Israeli director Eytan Fox. Set in modern day Tel Aviv, The Bubble deals with the trials and tribulations of three young Tel Aviv residents: Lulu (Daniela Virtzer), an female political activist … Continue reading

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