TechTuesday: Evernote!

Disclaimer: I recently accepted a job offer starting July from Evernote as a web developer. That said, I’ve been a huge fan of Evernote since way before I applied to work there. It really is a great tool!


Evernote is an insanely useful (free) note taking application. Like all good apps, there are clients for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and webOS as well as a fully functional webapp. In this blog post, I’ll be giving you a brief overview of the features of Evernote, as well as why you should consider using it.

Evernote syncs across all the devices on which you have it installed, so you can write up your shopping list on your PC and then access it on the go on your smartphone. Better yet, you don’t need data connectivity to access your notes on any device, so you can continue looking at your notes from class on your tablet when you’re away from wireless internet. The note uploads and syncs online once you’re connected again, so you don’t have to worry about anything, it just takes care of itself!

Text, audio, pictures
With Evernote you can not only write text, but you can also take a picture and insert it into your note, and you can even record audio as part of a note! This works especially well on Evernote for your smartphone of choice – you can very easily take a picture of something you want to remember and insert it into your note, after which it syncs automatically to your other devices so you can come back to the image with a more expansive screen. You can also record something quickly via audio and attach it to a note, enabling you to come back and listen to it later.

Collaboration is easy with Evernote – you can share specific notes or notebooks (collections of notes) with multiple people. This way, multiple people can work on the same notebook and use the powerful features of Evernote together. This is especially useful for working on big group projects where research is a bit part of the task at hand.

Web clipper
One of Evernote’s killer features is its web clipper. Using this tool, you can take a part or all of a web page right from your browser and store it as a note in your Evernote. No more bookmarking of multiple websites to keep track of your info! Instead, just take a clip using the web clipper and you will always have your record of the web page, even if the original page is modified or even decommissioned.

Bonus: Skitch
Skitch is an app by Evernote for OS X, iOS and Android that provides a nifty feature. It allows you to quickly annotate, edit and share of images and screenshots. As an example of things you can do, you can add text and arrows on the image, and you can move them around and rotate them as much as you can. Using skitch, you can take a picture of a textbook, draw and arrow and circle the relevant sentence, and send the image to a friend to help explain a concept. It integrates completely into the main Evernote apps; you can create a skitch from within Evernote and insert it into your note painlessly.

In short, Evernote is a comprehensive solution to the simple problem of taking notes. People use it as a notebook for their classes, write to-do lists using their to-do list feature, and use it as an overall organizational tool. It provides functionality to accomplish a multitude of tasks; it’s up to you to decide what subset of its capabilities to use.

— Ammar

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