TechTuesday: Doodle

When I’ve needed to arrange a meeting with a group, I would often find myself in a situation similar to the following: one person proposes a time, some people may agree, but then someone says it doesn’t work for them and proposes a different time, and this process may continue several times until a time that works for everyone is determined. In many cases, this cycle takes place over a messaging tool such as email or text messaging, which causes delays while the group waits for everyone to respond to each other. I recently started to use Doodle and found that this process, which should be fairly simple, can be handled much more efficiently.

To start a “poll”, go to Doodle’s homepage and click ‘Schedule an event’. The wizard will first ask for details such as the title, location, and a description. Then, it will allow you to propose several possible dates and times. Next, you will be emailed a link to forward to your group, along with a private link to manage the poll (if you create an account on Doodle, all of your polls can be managed without needing the private link by logging in). Your group members will then be able to enter their names and check off the proposed dates and times that work for them.

After you’ve provided a sufficient amount of time for your group to respond, go to the poll manager link to view the responses. You will be able to view a grid with all responses, and the page will also highlight the times that work for the most people.

Ever since I found out about Doodle, I have continued to find more and more situations in which it has been useful to me by alleviating the complications of scheduling.

-Michael Lesser

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