Trunk from a New Perspective

This is my second year as an AT Fellow so I’ve gotten pretty familiar with Trunk over the past year. So when my application to teach a Perspectives class was approved I was so excited about all of the great utilities I could use with Trunk! Of course, my dreams of grandeur where soon replaced by stark reality, when it comes to teaching, especially a brand new class, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. I have a new appreciation for all the work professors put into making their Trunk course sites viable. Thanks! Some tools that I’ve used with Trunk:

Webpage Integration: One of the features I love about Trunk is the ability to add any webpage as a tab in Trunk. As a student I’ve always found it really convenient to have everything in one place. Since our class is movie based we’ve used MediaMarkup as a way for the students to communicate their thoughts on clips from the movies we watched. Having MediaMarkup as a tab in Trunk is a convenient way for them to link to the clips without having to remember yet another link.

Assignments: Using the assignments tool makes it nice and easy for our students to find out what is due and when. As a teacher I love it as a submission tool because I have all the submissions in one place and don’t have to worry about keeping track of papers or searching through my email for submissions.

Sign-Up: Since Perspectives is a fun class for freshmen and takes place from 6-8:30pm on a Thursday night snack time has become a weekly occurrence. Though generally used for signing up for meetings the beauty of sign-up is it allows students to see open spots and sign-up for the waitlist of closed spots.

Although just a few of the many tools available on Trunk I’ve found these three to be a great asset for teaching in my class.

-Rebecca Wood-Spagnoli

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