AT Friday: Asana

Asana: powerful online collaboration platform


Asana is a free online collaboration platform. The convenience it brings to its users is definitely a great plus. Firstly, the sign-up procedure is very simply. Go to the link above and enter your email, then you will be able to get a free online account. Or, you can simply login with your google credentials, without having to memorize new password.

After login, you will see a concise yet informative interface. To initiate a collaboration, you can send invitations to people who will be involved in this project. By following the link in the invitation email, the invitee can add to the project content and tasks directly.

The left panel provides you with the ability to create new projects and add people to this group. You will also have your own message inbox specially for this group. What is even better is a clear list of your tasks, which, once done, can be marked as completed. At left lower corner, there is a link to a shortcuts list, with which you can definitely improve your efficiency of managing your tasks.

In the middle is the main panel. Here you can sections for your project. Under each section, you can add tasks, and assign different tasks to people by filling in their names or email. There is also a quick button to assign the tasks to yourself. For each project, you can add due date to it. To better extract the relevant information you want, you can sort/filter the list of tasks. Since this app is smoothly linked with google, you can share your project in the same way as sharing a google docs; you can also sync it with your calender, to keep you up to date with the project. Another interesting feature is the tag functionality. It is powerful tool manage all the projects you have. By assigning tags to project, the team could have a better idea of the architecture of the collaboration.

The right panel can be hidden. It helps user to manage individual project/task, for you can attach relevant files to each task, change due date, add teammates and subtasks.

To sum up, Asana provides its users a free collaboration experience that is full of ease.

-Hao Wan