Tech Tuesday: LogMein


When you leave home for school or work, have you encountered certain occasions in which you need a few important files that are located in your computer left at home? During research/business trips, have you considered bringing a lighter/smaller device like iPad, but in end rejected the choice because of work concerns?

Once, a friend asked me that, given she is traveling to Asia for a research trip and she don’t want to bring a heavy laptop, if she can just bring an iPad with some powerful applications. If I had known this application beforehand, I would have recommend LogMein to her.

With LogMein, your life could be much easier. It is a powerful application that allows iPad user to remotely access their Mac/PC left at home. For instance, if you forget to send a document which is located at your desktop harddisk to your professor/colleague/partner, with an iPad, you can simply login to your desktop remotely and send the document. You can even edit a document remotely, given that the quality of the service is pretty good.

What all you need to do is to:

  1. Sign up for an account and download the LogMein app onto your iPad
  2. On your Mac/PC, download the LogMein Host software and install it on your computer. (After signing in to, there will be a download link on your home page)
  3. Make sure that your Mac/PC is turned on, connected to internet, and is not in sleep mode. This can be set before you leave home
  4. On your iPad, open your LogMein app and click on the computer you want to remotely control. After entering the security password, you will to able to see and control the screen of your home computer, and do whatever things you want to do.

If the internet connection is good, you can select HD image quality without compromising the connection speed. The user experience is usually smooth and pleasant, and you can definitely simulate the case that your computer is actually with you and retrieve whatever files you want to use.

There are a few other options that you can choose. For instance to ensure your privacy, you can even blank your computer screen while you are remotely controlling your computer. Such small yet useful functionalities make LogMein even a better choice. Moreover, for normal use, we can simply download the free version; if you are serious about business, you can definitely get more out of the app by using the paid pro version, on which you can transfer files remotely, hear the sound produced by your remote PC/Mac, share your desktop with guests and ask them to remotely work on your computer together.

To sum up, it is a powerful tool providing you with a lot of ease and options.

-Hao Wan