Tech Tuesday: CloudOn

An app that I have recently found very useful is CloudOn, which is offered on iPad and Android, and will soon be available for the iPhone.  Like many cloud based file editors, the app can securely sync with your Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive account.  However, what makes CloudOn unique is that enables users to view and edit documents in the familiar Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint interfaces rather than in a “generic” file editor.

To start, download the app and then create a CloudOn workspace account.  Then, select a cloud-based service (Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive) where your files will be stored and enter your login credentials in order to sync the account.  It is required to use a cloud-based service as CloudOn itself doesn’t permanently store any of your files on its own servers.  Rather, your files are pulled when you’re working with them, saved back to the cloud-based service when you’re finished, and then deleted from CloudOn’s servers.

Another beneficial feature is that you can not only view PDFs, but you can also fill out PDF forms, which the built-in PDF viewers on most mobile devices typically don’t support.  In addition, you can open email attachments in CloudOn and edit them using the applicable Microsoft Office program.

The app can be downloaded for free.

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