Tech Tuesday:

At the beginning of last semester I wrote about RescueTime (, an invaluable tool to help you analyze what exactly do you spent the most time doing while on your computer. Now that you know where your time is wasted, what can you do to ensure that your time is utilized productively in getting things done? Here again, technology comes to the rescue. Today I will talk about one particular task manager tool, that makes managing your to-dos simple and effective and in the process makes you more productive and efficient. ( is a simple task manager available for Android and iOS. What sets this app apart from the plethora of to-do list apps out there is its simple, intuitive and easy to navigate interface, yet uncompromised functionality. Tasks can be organized either by date or folders; which can all be done using drag and drop. Gesture. One can do almost everything with the tasks using simple gestures like swiping right on a task akin to crossing it out, to mark a task complete. To add a task, one only has to drag down from the top of the screen, and task can also be added using voice commands. One can set reminder alarms for particular time and day for a task, or set a location based reminder, a feature that lets you set reminders based on when you arrive or depart a particular location! Additionally, tasks can be marked as high priority which displays them in red and notes can be added to particular tasks which can come handy to add links etc. related to that task. also has a plugin for the Chrome browser, which lets one add tasks from ones browser. It integrates seamlessly with the likes of Gmail, so that one can add email follow-up reminders as a task on which can at time be much more useful than simply flagging an email.

There are great alternatives of course, and if you are looking for a hardcore personal task and project management tool, than is not for you. For that you can look at Things ( and Toodledo (

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