Tech Tuesday By Kristen Ford

The Bank of America Mobile Banking Application was one of the best applications I’ve downloaded yet. At any moment I can have all my account information at my fingertips including my account balance, pending transactions, and even credit card statements. Once signed in, I’m instantly offered the chance to sign in to an existing account or open a new account. On that same screen I also have the option to pay a bill, manage a transfer, or make a deposit. This app is has a very simple design which puts all the most important features, usually spread all over the Bank of America Website, on this one home screen.

The target users for this product are people with Bank of America Accounts who might benefit from the convenience of accessing account information on-the-go. This application is for people at an age where they not only have an account, but are able to manage it independently. The application takes care of the older end users by providing a lot of contrast between background colors and text. The application also lists all the options in a clear and organized way, making it easy for people without a lot of technical skill to use. A lot of the swiping and pinching motions that are associated with the iPad, don’t necessarily have to be used on too many of the screens as everything is designed to fit on the screen and most of the text is fairly easy to read as it.

I would imagine users deal with the application at least twice a week to check on accounts and keep an eye on spending. Because it is an iPad application, I would imagine it would lead people to use it more often than they would the website, because the iPad application is so easy to access. I can see people using this when they are in a rush and need to quickly look at an account or transfer funds. That being said, this application is ideal for the person who is on-the-run and wants to check things quickly. However, I could definitely see users being so attracted to the simple design that they use the application to sit down and take a long look at their accounts.

Overall I feel like this product does a great job of providing the key features from the website namely account balance, transaction details, and bill payment. The application interface is very simple and straightforward making it easy to access one of the 3 main features. The dark gray background and white text makes it very easy to read and distinguish text from the background. Because all the main features can be accessed from the home screen it definitely makes the applications very convenient. I know sometimes when I am managing my account through website I seem to have to go through several screens to do one thing. This application makes it possible to do these actions with very few steps.

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