AT Friday: Outline

I’m not going to lie. When I first received my iPad as part of the iPad Pilot Program I found it very hard to integrate it into my life. My laptop and I have been through a lot together, and it was hard to imagine not having it by my side at all times. I began to slowly distance myself from my laptop by using my iPad to check emails. Then little by little I found more apps that made having a laptop with me unnecessary. My laptop and I were no longer attached at the hip, but I still had something else taking up space in my bookbag –my notebooks. I searched for the perfect note-taking application, but there was always some problem. Either the application only allowed me to type or I found organizing my notes too difficult. However, I recently found the app of my dreams!

Outline is an iPad application which allows users to type notes, write notes with a stylus or with a finger, and add pictures, graphs, and other illustrations. Outline makes it extremely easy to organize your notes by making tabs for each course. Within the course tab you can have another set of tabs that allow you to make new notes for each time the class meets. For instance, I can easily find my Physics notes from January 22nd. Outline provides users with an unlimited amount of pages and enables users to sync notes with dropbox in real time.

One thing I love about Outline is that it allows you to create textboxes wherever you’d like. This flexibility allows users to create concept maps, to-do lists, and anything else the user could want. Outline also makes it easy for users to read, review, and edit notes simultaneously which many apps do not.

The interface is extremely simple and easy to use. The tabs on the top make it clear what content the user is currently viewing. The tabs on the side also make it easy for user to create a hierarchy of information. This hierarchy makes it easier for users to establish and, later on, find topics and their subtopics. The icons are fairly intuitive as well making the app even more user-friendly. Overall, I would definitely give this app an A+!

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