Tech Tuesday: Square Mobile App

The Square Mobile App is taking the mobile payments sector by storm. It is revolutionizing the way small businesses, Starbucks, and independent people exchange payments. The Square mobile app comes with a free credit card scanner that can make payments and exchanges of money even easier between customers, businesses, even friends. Recently Square has also come out with a mobile payments app that acts like a mobile wallet. For people that love Starbucks they have partnered with Square to use Square wallet for payments (no more need to swipe your card at Starbucks just pull out that Iphone).
I really think the potential of Square can go beyond small businesses. For example whenever there is that friend that doesn’t have enough cash on them to get dinner but can pay you back if they used their credit card and paid you back through Square.
Overall I feel like this product does a great job of lowering the barrier of cash flow, payment transactions, and other financial transactions. The mobile app is really well designed, easy to use and is a great way to pay when you don’t have cash.

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