AT Friday: AudioNote

Before this semester started, I started to think about beginning to take notes for my classes electronically.  I looked into various programs and apps, and AudioNote caught my eye.   The app is available for iOS and Android, and there is a program for Mac and Windows.  Also, I was able to order a stylus online for just a few dollars.

The app lets you take handwritten or typed notes and syncs it with audio.  In other words, the entire audio recording is indexed with your notes.  To start, open AudioNote and create a new notes sheet, and then hit the record button whenever you’re ready.  You can import lecture slides in the background and write directly on them, or you can just write on the lined notebook sheet.  You also can switch between typing and handwriting, and AudioNote will continue the recording without interruption.  In the case of the iPad and iPhone apps, if you click the Home button and go to another app, the recording will still continue (which will be indicated on the top of the screen).  Then, when you playback the notes, parts of your written notes will highlight at the points at which the audio being played back was recorded.  Alternatively, you can click on a word/drawing and the recording will fast forward to the point at which you wrote it.

In my case, I take notes on my iPad but sometimes like to view them on my Windows computer when I study.  In order to do this, I sync my iPad with iTunes on my computer and I use iTunes File Sharing to export the files to my computer.  In addition, I store my notes on iCloud, which lets me view them from my iPhone as well.  It is also possible to save AudioNote files on DropBox.

Overall, I have found AudioNote to be very beneficial and recommend it to anyone considering taking notes electronically.  The app costs $4.99, but there is a free version that lets you take notes with a 10 minute limit on recordings so you can try it out prior to purchasing it.

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