Tech Tuesday: Art Circles

Tech Tuesday: Art circles

Technology can be more romantic than you might think. The poetic ipad application, “art circles”, will present to you a new way to think about visual arts.


The interface of the application is in rhyme with its theme. This free application provides a clear yet intricate interface. It categorizes visual arts into groups of circles, such as “Color”, “Nature”, and “Art Movements”. Within each cycle, there are many subcategories for you to explore. For instance, in the circle of “Color”, there are various collections of art work, identified by blue, red and other color elements. To view all the categories, you can simply spin the circle on the left hand side. The right hand side circle of collections of art pieces will spin at the same time, giving you a taste of what the art collection is like.


You can view the item by clicking the button in the middle, and then the picture of amazing quality will show up on your screen. Feel free to zoom in and out to enjoy the delicacy of the art pieces!


You can use the app for artistic appreciation. Take a short break after hours of work would be the most pleasant thing, especially if the break will cultivate a sense of beauty in your mind. On the other hand, it is a great resource to start conversations with friends, especially when you are bored.

If you really like one of the art pieces, it is very convenient to purchase this piece through Simply click the button on the right upper corner and the information about the author, the details about the picture, and the price will be presented in front of you. Of course, you can choose size and frame before you buy.

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