Tech Tuesday: World Figures by The Economist

Want a visually appealing yet reliable data set to write a research paper or prepare a presentation? While the internet has tons of information, the excessive consumption of it may easily lead to headache. Luckily, we have the Ipad App–World Figures–coming to the rescue.

WorldFigures1As a simple and free app, World Figures presents a surprising amount of data. More importantly, the data are presented in such an intricate way that the reader can easily understand what it going on and figure out how to best use such given figures. There a diverse range of topics included in the data set, such as the internet use, the minimum wage, forestation, car production, etc., across as many as 193 countries worldwide. This is especially helpful if you are writing an economics or social science paper.

There are four main functions for the app. The most obvious one is the ranking topics. It ranks countries in terms of a huge amount of issues, such as population size and growth, inflation, and Nobel Prize winners. Clicking a ranking, the user will then enter a well designed interface with a list of ranked countries with relevant data, a map showing such countries, and a bar graph illustrating the result.


WorldFigures2On the other hand, you can check country profiles by rotating the interactive globe. It is very easy to rotate, zoom in and out, and learn about the geography of different nations as well as their demographic and economic figures. In addition, you can even select a few countries to compare their data on a wide range of topics. Automatically, the app will create a ranking list, a map, and an easily understandable bar graph for you. Lastly, in case you get bored in daily life and looking forward to learn some interesting things, you can use the Trivia selection. It will randomly show the interesting features of different countries and cultivate in you both the knowledge about the world, and a sense of curiosity.

In a conclusion, the World Figures app is a good helping tool for academic use or personal development.

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