Tech Tuesday: Pinterest

Pinterest, an online site of virtual pin boards, exploded in the online social sphere last spring. Pinterest allows users to pin ideas they like across the web to pin boards in a centralized location. Pinterest has a set of common theme boards that it filters pins to and users can title their own boards for their personal use. If your perusing these boards you can repin pins you like to your own boards.Users can even create secret boards if they’d like to keep track of gift ideas. Pinterest also has iOS and Android apps to keep you pinning on the go. See something you like while out? Snap a picture on your phone and pin away. Now you may be wondering why a blog post about Pinterest belongs on a blog about technology. In short, because this online conglomeration of ideas includes many fascinating pins about new technology – from leaks about new devices that may be hitting the market eventually to tablet and smartphone app suggestions to ways of caring for and repairing smart devices the Pinterest technology board has lots of inspiration when you want or need something new but aren’t quite sure just what. Warning though, logging into Pinterest can lead to hours of lost productivity! Check out Pinterest and create an account here: ! Happy Pinning!



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