AT Friday: iMovie on the Go

I had taken a lot of videos and pictures on my iPad and wanted to piece together a nice, fifteen minute video.  I wasn’t looking to do anything too complicated and was hoping to have the convenience of editing on the iPad itself.  I bought the $5 iMovie app and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

For me, the biggest perk of the app is the convenience factor.  I didn’t have to waste any time transferring my content to a laptop to be edited.  The app displays all the media content on the device and photos, video, and music can be added to the project with one click.  With a swipe of the finger, you can edit clip lengths, split clips, and freeze a frame.  Adding text and editing transitions are really easy, too.  For a novice video-editor like myself, I have found the iMovie app very straightforward to learn.  There is a built-in help feature which brings up descriptions of all the various buttons/options.

As my video begins to get longer (around 10 minutes now), I have noticed that the app has begun to lag a bit.  It’s only a second or two, but certainly very noticeable.  I’m wondering how the app will hold up as the video continues to get longer.  One feature that I wish could be slightly improved is the audio editing capability.  Working with music you add or sound from your clips is not as simple as some of the other features in the app, but I have found various work arounds through splitting clips and such.

Overall, I am very pleased with the app.  It’s great if you want to produce a high-quality, HD film and only need simple video-editing functionality.  When it comes time to publish your finished product, there are also plenty of options.

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