Tech Tuesday: Customizing Your Interface

It’s no secret that people who enjoy their environment are more productive. For me, “environment” not only describes my place of work, it also describes the interface that I use to write programs and do day to day work. It’s a testament to this user-centric productivity philosophy that Apple’s products are so popular – they’re all about the interface! Today I’m here to tell you about a few tools I use to customize my work environment, make it more pleasing to the eye, and streamline my workflow. Hopefully, these tools can help you, too.



If you’re like me, you use a lot of different applications regularly, and you probably keep them in your dock. Well, if you’re ever getting a little bored of the standard apple dock, consider getting the application <a href=’‘ title=’candy bar’>CandyBar</a>. This tool allows you to fully customize your dock and all of your system icons, personalizing your environment. I take a certain pride in the uniqueness of my system’s interface, and this is thanks in large part to the amazing changes this app has allowed me to make. It is only for Macs, but it’s free! You can download amazing icon packs at <a href=’‘>WeLoveIcons</a> or make your own!





This is a fantastic tool for organizing window panes as you work. You may be familiar with the Ubuntu user interface, but if you’re not, you’re missing out on a great feature. In Ubuntu, you can drag windows to “hotspots” on the screen, and the window will fill up a predefined section of the screen. Gone are the days of dragging window corners, looking for the perfect size! Not only does BetterTouchTool take care of this by porting the feature to Mac, but it also allows you to define new keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. I always have a million windows open – code windows, testing windows, articles, the terminal, et cetera. It’s invaluable that I can manipulate them at will. This app is also free!


Give these tools a try – they’ve made me proud of my personal interface, and made me much more productive by allowing me to focus not on the menialities of window organization, but on the work itself!

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