Tech Tuesday: CNBC Real Time

As a student interested in finance, I find it important to stay on top of the markets and pay attention to business news, and the CNBC Real Time App for iPad has been particularly helpful to me in doing so.  The app has a very intuitive interface that makes important news, information, and data easily accessible.

First of all, you can retrieve real-time stock quotes direct from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, and you can access charts with custom time frames ranging from one day to five years.  In addition, you can find company specific news, profiles, and key financial metrics.

Another useful feature is the personal ticker on the bottom of the app, which is meant to resemble the ticker on the bottom of the screen on the CNBC television channel.  By default, the ticker shows “Stocks to Watch”, the major indices, and news headlines, but it can be customized.  There is also a “My Stocks” watch list that you can use to track your favorite companies.

Finally, the News and Videos tabs allow you to access top business news stories, global headlines, and segments from the CNBC television channel.

CNBC Real Time for iPad is free and can be downloaded from the App Store.  CNBC Real Time is also available for iPhone and Android with a different interface but a similar set of features.





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