AT Friday: A Fond Farewell

Dear Readers, AT Fellows, and ESTS Staff,

I graduate in two days. The impending real world has been rushing toward me the past month as I’ve rushed to finish up projects, wrap-up lose ends, and take advantage of  the last of my student discount. I wouldn’t say I’m fully ready to move on but I am excited for the new opportunities and challenges and all the good (and bad) that comes with leaving the safety net of Tufts. Despite my excitement there is another part of me full of sadness that it is time to go and it is full of that sadness that I write this last post, a sincere thank you to everyone at ESTS.

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ve probably realized that the AT Fellows are a group of students with diverse interests and abilities but with one common goal; to use technology to positively impact the teaching and learning environment at Tufts. If you haven’t been keeping up regularly with the blog I strongly suggest taking a few minutes to peruse it as it is packed full of content from useful iPad Apps to quick summaries of education reports.

A sincere thank you to all of the AT Fellows who’ve not only contributed to this blog and put up with constant emails from me requesting, reminding, and prodding for aid both with this and other projects in the ed-tech world. You have all been incredibly kind and patient and the breadth of work we’ve put together this semester could have have happened without you.

Thank you to Haejung, Sheryl, and Steve, all of whom I had the pleasure working with this year on innovative new projects. The iPad Pilot Project, which I’ve been honored to helm from the AT Fellow standpoint, has put iPads into the hands of over 100 students, faculty, and staff over the past year and made many discoveries about how iPads can be effectively incorporated into curriculum to offer new avenues for learning. JumboStudy, an innovative new way to connect students and form study groups was also piloted this semester.

Most of all thank you to David for giving me this opportunity. I have truly enjoyed these past two years as an AT Fellow. You have given me numerous opportunities for participation on various projects and it has been truly incredible. Thank You.

To our readers, thank you for putting up with a senior reminiscing and saying goodbye. If you are a student I strongly recommend considering joining the program – the opportunities you receive won’t disappoint. If you’re faculty or staff and have a project in mind consider getting in touch; your project idea might be supported by next years incredible team.

With Much Gratitude,

Rebecca Wood-Spagnoli

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