Tech Tuesday: Online Code Learning Sites

I spent this past summer interning at, like teamtreehouse, codeacademy and codeschool are all leading online providers geared towards teaching students how to code online. In this weeks tech tuesday I’m going to show you how implementing these resources as primary or supplementary learning resources can help you become a more well rounded programmer and job applicant.


Teamtreehouse was started by founder Ryan Carson a leading Web 2.0 conference star in the early 2000’s. The company’s mission is to provide programming content that enables students to find job’s in the tech industry. While teamtreehouse is a subscription based monthly pay model, students can get a great deal of $9/month by following this link.

Team treehouse focuses on providing high value video based teaching stages and interactive coding challenges to bolster the students learning. Feel free to try out treehouse if you’re interested in high quality videos, teacher supported forums, and up to date content.



Made a splash last year as it began its campaign to teach people how to code in a year. Even Mayor Bloomberg signed up to learn during this campaign. Codeacademy is a free service that offers simple straightforward coding challenges and progressive learning modules to quickly advance students through learning.

Codeacademy does a great job integrating badges, point streaks, and coding day streaks to gamify the experience. Codeacademy has received large amounts of VC funding and is one of the most well startups in this market.



Is a per course subscription based business model, which focuses on students learning how to program games using different programming languages. It’s interactive code challenges and project based learning help cater to those interested in building online based games.

CodeSchool has some introductory free courses for you to try out before you dive in. They are constantly producing new content and stages and look to be a player in the growing online coding movement.


As the rise of successful tech startups in the past decade have brought another wave of tech enthusiasts, demands for job applicants with basic or intermediate coding skills will separate applicants. If you have a background in programming or none at all but are interested in getting back into the game these resources are great to get back on the horse.

One other program I would recommend is a Y-Combinator backed program called One Month Rails which strives to teach you the basics of building a functional web app using the ever popular Ruby on Rails.

Feel free to check out these online services and any others you come by, in the end each service matches a specific students learning style so figure out your own before you commit to one.




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