AT Fridays: Podcasting and Such

This semester my focus will be bringing back AT Podcasts as a bi-monthly segment on the AT Fellow blog. The goal for the AT podcasts will be to feature AT fellows and UIT staff that help run the technology and education aspects of Tufts University. We will go over their day-to-day responsibilities, their interests in the ed-tech community and how they integrate education technology into their everyday lives.


Written by AT fellow: Johnny Wu

Furthermore the goal of AT podcasts will to complement Tech Tuesdays and highlight new technology that can improve our holistic learning and education environment. In the past we’ve talked about the impact of Twitter, Linkedin on networking, we’ve also talked about how google docs has revolutionized group sharing and editing. The focus of this semesters AT podcasts will be bringing to the readers new tools, new ideas, and new ways to integrate technology into their lives.

My co-host will be a close friend and AT Fellow Aaron, this semester we will be covering tools to help flip the classroom, MOOCS, blended learning, apps and startups catered towards learning, utilizing social media and your online presence to help brand and market yourself.


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