AT Friday: By Mirza Ramic

I joined the AT Fellows program this semester as a graduate student from The Fletcher School.  I am particularly interested in the intersection of education and social media, and one of my bigger projects as an AT Fellow this year will be to help increase ESTS’ online presence across the Tufts community.  I am hoping to make ESTS and the services offered by the AT Fellows program easily available online and through social media platforms, and raise their awareness through a tailored outreach campaign.


I am also quite interested in innovation and its effect on education policy, and have very much enjoyed my experience as an AT Fellow in this regard.  For one, I’ve been deepening my understanding of the various issues grappling the education field through weekly readings of How Learning Works, as Aaron has already mentioned in an earlier post.  This has been a great complement to my summer internship at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education—as well as a Harvard Ed School course that I am taking this semester—and the discussions in AT Fellow weekly meetings have strongly underscored numerous problems that need to be carefully addressed in higher ed (such as student motivation, transfer, standardized assessments, and others).  I have also expanded my knowledge of various innovative tools in the ed tech arena (such as lecture capture software) through some of the research I’ve done as an AT Fellow and through conversations with other AT Fellows and ESTS staff.  AT Fellows is an exciting program in an exciting field, and I am very much impressed that Tufts supports such a great initiative.


I look forward to a learning-rich year as an AT Fellow, and hope to successfully promote the program among students and faculty so that more members of the Tufts community can take advantage of the many wonderful services offered by AT Fellows.


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