Tech Tuesday: By Hao Wan

The trilogy of office apps on Iphone

The dominance of Microsoft Office suit on Desktops and laptops has made me wonder when the time of change will come. With the rising need for mobile word/statistics editing and reading, the general public, especially students and business people, may find the trilogy of apps made by Apple a powerful revolution in the word processor industry.

The three musketeers are: Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

Pages possesses a similar functionality as the Microsoft Word. The great advantage lies in its portability: you can edit your term paper on a train or plane, with or without internet access. Moreover, it is not just a diluted version of Word. Instead, it has a more concise interface and easy control even on a 4 inch phone screen. The best part comes with its templates: there are well designed templates that satisfy you daily work needs; moreover, the templates are expandable through purchasing when you need something even more amazing.

Keynote is like the powerpoint. If Pages is something that help you efficiently use your time on the transportation or holiday, Keynote is more critical in the sense that it gives you more time to prepare for presentations that usually requires a shorter preparation span compared to writing academic papers. Like Pages, you can use templates to speed up the editing process, and review the slides by playing it. The visual effects are comprehensive and impressive, which, if adequately used, may elevate your presentations to a great height.

Lastly, the Numbers enables you to make spreadsheet and manipulate numerical/text data in a table format. Simple to use, easy to read. Documents from all the three apps can be conveniently emailed, printed, opened in another app, or copied to iTunes in various commonly used formats. That is why we don’t need to worry about the integration of such documents with other word processors.

Have fun editing, and enjoy the higher efficiency brought to you by the abovementioned apps!


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