AT Friday: By Cameron

I recently joined the AT Fellows program and am thoroughly enjoying my experience thus far. Over the summer, I got to meet dozens of professors, showing them how to use iClicker software and WordPress in their classrooms. So far, I’ve enjoyed seeing higher education from a different perspective, and seeing how much work some professors put into their planning has given me new insight into the education I am receiving from Tufts.


We just finished up the book that Aaron and Mirza mentioned (How Learning Works) and it offered yet another interesting perspective. I think a large part of being an AT Fellow is being able to straddle the world between student and faculty, distancing yourself from your preconceptions and leaving yourself open to new experiences. Reading this book helped with this goal, as we saw the fundamental lack of understanding and open communication between many of the professors and students in the book. While it is easy to trivialize the efforts of professors, I think we must keep in mind that for many educators, this book may be the only training they receive before they are thrust into the classrooms.


Every week, as we share our current projects, it is refreshing to see the diversity of thought and experience all of the AT Fellows bring to the table. Academic Technology encompasses more than just programming, and I think that this group of fellows represents students well and is making great strides towards bettering the relationship between higher education and technology. Overall, I’ve had a great time so far and I look forward to seeing what the remainder of the semester brings.

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