Tech Tuesday: Easybib by Hao Wan

Welcome to this week’s Tech Tuesday!

College life is sometimes filled with research and paper writing. Typing citations about physical books that one refers to and formating it in a desirable format might seem to be a boring task. With the help of EasyBib, citing materials from a book becomes much fun.

A free iOS app, EasyBib is very a small yet powerful tool. All you need to do is to open the app, which instantly opens up your camera, and focus the camera on the barcode of the book you are going to refer to in your paper.

Then, you can choose the citation format you want, be it MLA, APA, or Chicago. You can also add multiple citations, manage and search for the citations in the record. (This could serve as a memo) After that, with a simple click on the green button (lower right), you can email your citation to yourself and copy it into your paper.

To use it collaboratively, citations can also be sent to other students/professors to let them know the publisher/version of the book you are referring tool.

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