Will JumboStudy update me as new groups are formed? RSS Feeds!

Yes, you can subscribe to a JumboStudy RSS feed. You can have this feed delivered to your favorite RSS reader and even have it as a tab in Trunk. RSS feeds will be available for each JumboStudy designated building, class, and utln. Available RSS feeds and information about setting up your own are:

All Events Feed

A feed containing all future events is available at


RSS Feed By User

An RSS feed with events for an individual is available at
http://jumbostudy.tufts.edu/getUsernameEventsRss.jsp?username=. You must append
a UTLN. For example, for
the user with UTLN dgroga01 would use:


RSS Feed By Course Or Department

An RSS feed for a specific course or a department is available. Simply append the course id or department id to
http://jumbostudy.tufts.edu/getCourseEventsRss.jsp?courseId=. For example, an RSS feed for the course PSY-0001
is available at

RSS Feed By Building

An RSS feed for any building is available: