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Tech Tuesday: Coin

On December 4, 2013 By


By Michael Lesser

Mobile payment methods have proliferated over the past few years in an effort to “reinvent” the credit card. For the most part, these payment systems have relied on near field communication (NFC) technology or QR codes. However, Coin is a new and innovative app-based payment option that still relies on [...]

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AT Fellow Screencast from Jonathan Wu on Vimeo.

Links mentioned: — Remote Pair Programming — Remote Pair Programming — Remote pair programming with integration of VIM/Sublime Tex Editor — Fully online programming and hosting — Google Docs online collaboration Continue Reading

Welcome to this week’s Tech Tuesday!

College life is sometimes filled with research and paper writing. Typing citations about physical books that one refers to and formating it in a desirable format might seem to be a boring task. With the help of EasyBib, citing materials from a book becomes much fun.

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Online Learning from Jonathan Wu on Vimeo.

Links mentioned – Language Learning Online — Forming New Habits – Online Language Learning – Online study cards – Online content learning – Online MOOCS – Online MOOCS

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AT Friday: By Michael Lesser

On November 12, 2013 By


As a second year AT Fellow, I’ve seen the program evolve and I’m glad to be a part of this group’s accomplishments. In our wrap-up meeting towards the end of last year, an idea that was mentioned was for our group to host a workshop series for students, faculty, and staff. It certainly makes [...]

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Tech Tuesday – Venmo

On November 5, 2013 By

Written by Michael Lesser



The use of peer-to-peer payment platforms has expanded over the past few years, and most recently, many platforms have been released as mobile apps in order to target the growing user base of smartphones. While many options exist, Venmo is a new app that has stood out [...]

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