Trunk: Automatic Testing Suite

Trunk shot
Trunk is Tufts University’s powerful learning management system that provides faculty and students with a collaborative teaching and learning environment. Due to its critical role in facilitating academic activities on campus, there is a need to monitor the status of the site and make sure it’s always up and running.

This project implements an automatic testing suite that monitors Trunk on a regular basis. It checks multiple functionalities of Trunk:
1. Login and Logout
2. File Uploading
3. Communication section
4. Mysetting section
5. Membership section
6. Preferences section
7. TuftsNow
and the basic presence & functionality of other elements.

Written in Java and using Selenium HtmlUnitDriver, the program can conduct user activities to make sure the monitoring reflects realistic user experiences. It is put on a Jenkins server which pulls source code from Github and schedules regular runs. Jenkins will report any failure to administrators right after the test is done, who can then investigate and fix it as soon as possible.

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