JumboStudy provides Tufts students a way to create study groups for classes and facilitate a collaborative learning environment. It offers a way to set up a location, time, and study topic and is available for all classes and Trunk Project sites.

Want help? Contact: edtech@tufts.edu or check out these FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • JumboStudy can be accessed at https://jumbostudy.tufts.edu. Anyone with an active Tufts username and password can log in to create and join study groups. JumboStudy has been developed to work well with mobile devices.

  • If these FAQs do not answer your questions/concerns about JumboStudy, or if you have ideas for improving the service, please email edtech@tufts.edu. If you are reporting a bug please try and be as descriptive as possible about what you are experiencing.

  • Login using your Tufts username and password (e.g. the same account you use for Trunk & email). If you have forgotten your username or password please visit http://tuftstools.tufts.edu.

  • Upon login JumboStudy matches your username with the class and project sites that you are member of in Trunk. Note: even if your instructor chooses not to use Trunk for class materials your class will still show up in JumboStudy.

  • After you log in JumboStudy will display your groups (these are groups that you’ve either created or joined) and available groups (these are groups that someone else in your classes or project pages has created). Selecting any of these groups will take you to a new page with more detailed information about where the group is located and what they’ll be studying. To join a group tap the join group button located next to “Attending.”

  • On the home screen tap the create button next to “my groups.” This will take you to the create group page. Here pick the class or project group you’re creating this study group for, the general building location, and the date and time of the group. Fill in “location details” and “study topics” with more specific information about where and what you’ll be studying.

  • No, your professor must publish a class in Trunk in order for the content to be available. JumboStudy bypasses this need so you can take advantage of the service regardless.

  • Tap the leave group button located next to “Attending.”

  • The designers did not want to overload the dropdown menu with too many sites so if you do not see your favorite study spot select “other” and list the location in “location details”.

  • “Location” is the general building your study group is located and “location details” is the specific location, i.e. study room, table, etc.

  • You will see the latest study group information when you login to JumboStudy and move from page to page. However, JumboStudy doesn’t automatically update (yet) whilst you are sitting on single page. To manually refresh the page use the refresh button on the top right hand of the screen.

  • Yes, you can subscribe to a JumboStudy RSS feed. You can have this feed delivered to your favorite RSS reader and even have it as a tab in Trunk. RSS feeds will be available for each JumboStudy designated building, class, and utln. Available RSS feeds and information about setting up your own are:

    All Events Feed

    A feed containing all future events is available at


    RSS Feed By User

    An RSS feed with events for an individual is available at
    http://jumbostudy.tufts.edu/getUsernameEventsRss.jsp?username=. You must append
    a UTLN. For example, for
    the user with UTLN dgroga01 would use:


    RSS Feed By Course Or Department

    An RSS feed for a specific course or a department is available. Simply append the course id or department id to
    http://jumbostudy.tufts.edu/getCourseEventsRss.jsp?courseId=. For example, an RSS feed for the course PSY-0001
    is available at

    RSS Feed By Building

    An RSS feed for any building is available:

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